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Sponsors, Partners & Credits

We are especially grateful to the following individuals and companies that have made our presence possible. Thank you!






Website Platform & Hosting

Successful Youth Inc. is proud to be an approved Google Apps for Nonprofits and Google Sites organization. This site is hosted on the free Google Sites server. We are also able to have zero (0) annual expenses for website hosting and completely eliminate the need of for-a-fee email, word processing and other office software for all of our staff and volunteers.

Website Template and Support

Our website is based on a free template by ARC Web Design who graciously provided support. 
Non-profit marketing professional Penny Kalofouti spent numerous hours with our staff, advising us and helping build our new website. You can find her here

Logo & Graphic Design

Graphic designer Veasna Suchotliff  volunteered her time and talent to create our new logo and tagline. See her portfolio here.

Graphic designer Angelos Tsalezas took the new logo and worked tirelessly to create our business cards. You can email him here