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"Prep for Success!" 9th Grade Summer Bridge Program

"Prep for Success!" 2014 Summer Learning Program

Prep for Success! is an engaging and interactive six-week summer bridge program designed to keep youth engaged in fun activities during the summer.  Our program is available to incoming Rainier Beach High School 9th graders.  Students learn math and reading the fun way and participate in exciting enrichment activities.  Our program is designed to help students (1) transition successfully from middle school to high school and (2) promote on time to 10th grade.  There is no fee for Rainier Beach High School students to attend. Academic class sizes are small (7 to 8 students) with Classroom Aides providing needed in-class support.  Our program youth to staff ratio is 1:1.

Students learn: Math and Reading, Mobile Computer Science to design mobile games and other applications, Study Skills that promote organization, decision making and improved memory for taking tests; how to journal, resources available at Rainier Beach High School and more!  Students will also take all day field trips on Fridays.  We provide a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks to participants on all classroom days.  Kids should prepare to have fun!

Check out our "Prep for Success!" 2013 Summer Learning Program

Prep for Succes! 2013 Summer Learning Program Slideshow

Edits: Tiara T. Atkins, Photos: Khyree Smith and Tiara T. Atkins, Music: India Arie, Bruno Mars, Michael McKnight, The Script, feat. 
We proudly partner with the following organizations to present "Prep for Success!" 2014:


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Summer 2013 Program Outcomes

  • Youth averaged 9% improvement in math skills via a pre and post assessment;
  • Youth averaged 22.7% improvement in reading skills via a pre and post assessment; 
  • Youth earned an average of 7 hours of community service; 
  • 100% family member engagement; and
  • 95% participant attendance; 

Summer 2012 Program Outcomes:
  • Participants saw an average increase of 24% in the study skill: Memory (as measured by a pre and post assessment).
  • 100% of students surveyed answered YES to "Do you feel that "Prep for Success!" will help you succeed in the 9th grade?"
  • 100% of students surveyed said they learned at least 1 of 5 of the following study skills: Memorization;  Note-Taking; Organization; Time Management; Team Work
  • 93% of students surveyed answered YES to the question "Do you know your way around school now?"
  • 93% of students surveyed answered YES to the question "Are you glad that you participated in "Prep for Success!"?
  • 100% of students answered YES to "Did "Prep for Success" provide you with useful information?"

If your child is attending RBHS during the 2013/2014 school year, this workshop series can provide 
your student with invaluable tools that will help improve his or her life chances.